March 17th marked the date of our second broadcast and since we are not the green beer drinking type, the crew and I decided to celebrate by inviting one of the most prolific record producer, songwriter, musical arranger and musicians to the show, MR. PATRICK ADAMS! Much to our delight he accepted! AND MARCH 17TH IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!

If you don't know who Patrick is, you will be amazed at the amount of beautiful music this man has given to the world! He has 32 gold and platinum records and has over 1300 songs under his belt he has either written or been involved with producing.

I have embedded a few songs Patrick was involved with here that we didn't have time to include in the interview.


Among the artists Patrick  has worked with and projects he has been involved with are Sister Sledge, Loleatta Holloway, Main Ingredient, Shannon, Cares, Thomas & Taylor, Ace Spectrum, Inner Life, Leroy Burgess, The Spinners, Gladys Knight, Skipworth & Turner, Candi Staton, Eddie Kendricks, Herbie Mann, Debbie Taylor, Bumblebee Unlimited, Universal Robot Band, Narada Michael Walden, Rick James, Chatelaine, C# Sharp, Center Stage, Cloud One,Inner Life, Mark IV, Musique, Patrick Adams Initiative, Phreek, Rainbow Brown, Sandy's Gang, The P.A. System, The Universal Robot Band, Wish  and Bruni Pagan. In addition, Adams has worked with rap, hip-hop/R&B and dance/club acts such as Coolio, Cathy Dennis, Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley, Black Ivory, R. Kelly, Eric B & Rakim, Salt-N-Pepa, Shades of Love and Jeanie Tracy (vocalist for Sylvester). 

He has also won numerous awards, among them ASCAP songwriter of the year.

He is responsible for one of my favorite records of all time, the Paradise Garage version of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Inner Life and engineered the epic album "Paid in Full" from Eric B. and Rakim.

I was so nervous but the interview went off without a hitch, despite both OP! and I having bronchitis, we only managed to cough up a lung off mic. We all learned a lot although I wished we had double the time to chat - what a fountain of information he was! I really hope that the young cats coming up can access some of the wealth of knowledge this man has. 

Patrick's more recent tribute to Thom Bell above. Beautiful tune!


Patrick Adams was an amazing guest and is a fascinating person and true artist. We hope you enjoy the interview. He is truly a treasure and we wish him many more of the happiest birthdays to come!