Soulful Vocalist Fonda Rae Gets Over With Us!

Fonda Rae’s most iconic record may be “Over Like A Fat Rat” but that is just scratching the surface of this illustrious vocalist’s and multi-instrumentalist’s career.
We were thrilled to have her in the studio to discuss her many collaborations (Patrick Adams, Kid Creole to name a few) and got a chance to premiere some fresh new music from new collaborators like DJ Polo. Fonda is an amazing artist with an infectious personality and her business partner brought us some saltfish and ackee so it was a winning night all around for us!


Alfa Anderson - The sophisticated sounds of former Chic lead vocalist


Alfa Anderson blessed us with her sweet sounds in the studio in this episode with the premiere of a track off her new release "From the Heart". 
We spent two hours in the studio with Alfa in a journey through her career from the disco days of Chic to her work with the smooth genius of Luther Vandross. Join us for a fascinating peek into the work and world of a first class singer and wonderful human that is Ms. Alfa Anderson! Special guest co-host the energetic and accomplished Christian John Wikane joins us in the studio!