The elegance of Dionne Warwick


One of the most accomplished and distinctive voices that transcends genre, Dionne Warwick is a true legend. 

The Sweet Spot was beyond thrilled to speak to her about her decades of hits, her partnership with Burt Bacharach and Hal David and her new release "I'm Back". 

Every bit as warm and lovely as her music, tune in for a warm and wonderful conversation with a legendary artist followed by a Dionne Warwick power hour of music! 

Soulful Vocalist Fonda Rae Gets Over With Us!

Fonda Rae’s most iconic record may be “Over Like A Fat Rat” but that is just scratching the surface of this illustrious vocalist’s and multi-instrumentalist’s career.
We were thrilled to have her in the studio to discuss her many collaborations (Patrick Adams, Kid Creole to name a few) and got a chance to premiere some fresh new music from new collaborators like DJ Polo. Fonda is an amazing artist with an infectious personality and her business partner brought us some saltfish and ackee so it was a winning night all around for us!


Joshie "Jo" Armstead - Soul Music Renaissance Woman


Joshie "Jo" Armstead has been involved with so many facets of the music biz and has written, produced and performed so much legendary music she is truly a name that should be on every soul music lovers lips! 
An extraordinarily charming and humble woman, Joshie sat down with us for two hours reminiscing on her early days with The Ike and Tina Turner Revue, working on a writing team with Ashford and Simpson, writing hits for Ray Charles, owning her own label, recording on the legendary STAX label, performing in a Broadway show written by none other than Melvin Van Peebles and so much more. The conversation is peppered with so much of the classic music that weaves throughout this talented woman's career.
Also on deck with Kyle and myself is Sweet Spot honorary fam Christian John Wikane, music journalist extraordinaire. Christian is incredibly knowledgable and we are always happy to add him to the conversation! 
For more on this this musical powerhouse, please check out the Pop Matters article on Joshie here and keep an ear out for her as we know she has plenty of unreleased material in the vault! 

photo: Craig Bailey / Perspective Photo

EWF Tribute with Verdine White and DJ Spinna!!!

In the words of one of the baddest, funkiest bass players around, Mr. Verdine White, "Earth Wind and Fire is more than just a band, it is an energy force". Please take a listen above as Baby K interviews Verdine and gets some insight on the mighty musician and one of the most influential and uplifting bands of all time! 
After the interview we present an exclusive 90 plus minute EWF tribute mix made for us by the one and only DJ Spinna! No one does a tribute quite like Spinna, known for his legendary Stevie Wonder "Wonder-Full" parties (which Stevie himself has attended!) and his remix and DJ work with Stevie along with his  Michael Jackson and Prince tributes. Truly a fire mix befitting the legendary band! 
May this episode uplift and bring you as much joy as we had making it! Check out EWF on their 2054 tour with CHIC in a city near you! 

Alfa Anderson - The sophisticated sounds of former Chic lead vocalist


Alfa Anderson blessed us with her sweet sounds in the studio in this episode with the premiere of a track off her new release "From the Heart". 
We spent two hours in the studio with Alfa in a journey through her career from the disco days of Chic to her work with the smooth genius of Luther Vandross. Join us for a fascinating peek into the work and world of a first class singer and wonderful human that is Ms. Alfa Anderson! Special guest co-host the energetic and accomplished Christian John Wikane joins us in the studio!  

The Foreign Exchange - Future Legends Spotlight

Yes we get our old school on here but we dearly appreciate all things of a groovalicious nature. WE LOVE THIS BAND!!! The art is high caliber, the sound is deliciously soulful. Caught up with Nicolay and Phonte for a few minutes of lovely conversation after a recent show. Enjoy the vibes and support independent music by heading over to The Foreign Exchange website.

Jamel Shabazz - the Eyes of a Generation

One of the most profound and inspiring interviews we have had the pleasure to conduct, Jamel Shabazz dropped by the studios to give us an insight on the music that shaped and guided his path as one of the most important photographic documentarians of and in New York at a pivotal time in history. DJ Amir of 180 Proof Records was also in the house adding his deep musical knowledge. Join the conversation and get an insight into the legendary New York Kings and Queens Jamel portrayed in his photography and a musical memoir of a prolific artist who gave us a visual diary of the hip hop generation. 

DJ Spinna Takes us on a Musical Stroll down Memory Lane!

DJ Spinna is a perpetual blur of motion on trains, planes and probably even bicycles on a singular mission to bring joyously funky music to the world. This prolific DJ / Producer behind the signature parties Wonder- Full (tribute to Stevie Wonder) and Soul Slam (Michael Jackson vs Prince) slowed down for a couple hours in the WBAI studios with us to talk abut the music that influenced him as a child growing up in funk-tastic Brooklyn and play us some heavy tunes from his childhood. Join us for two hours of talk, laughs and GREAT TUNES!!!


pops who started it all by having a great record collection!!! 

Beginnings.... guess where allowance money went??

For the love of music - a dj's dj and consummate collector!


BreakBeat Lou celebrates 30 years of Ultimate Breaks & Beats on the Sweet Spot!

August was hot in the studio as we welcomed DJ, Producer and co-creator (with Lenny Roberts) of the seminal music compilation series "Ultimate Breaks and Beats" Breakbeat Lou to the Sweet Spot! 

Check out our exclusive two hour intimate chat with Lou above on Mixcloud and below downloadable on Soundcloud as we discuss his long legacy in music and take a stroll through the foundation days of hip hop, house and new developments in celebration of thirty years of one of the understated but key players in modern musical history. 

Also head over to Breakbeat Lou's page here to keep up to date on all the great #UBB celebrations throughout the year! 

Thanks for Listening!